Brazilian Black & White Tarantula

The Brazilian black and white tarantulas are a native of Brazil and have a leg span of six to eight inches. The spider has a black body with broad stripes of white on its legs. 

This particular tarantula is rare and expensive. It is highly sought after for its large size and striking appearance. They are usually not seen for sale in the United States and are more easily found in Europe.

These spiders make a great addition to any collection. Since they won’t hesitate to flick hairs, it is recommended that they are not handled.

Care Sheet
Because of its large size, a ten or fifteen gallon terrarium tank is recommended for housing a Brazilian Black and White tarantula. An under-tank heat pad and locking screen lid should accompany the cage.

A water bowl should be included in the habitat as well as some form of hiding spot. Three to four inches of commercial substrate or sterilized potting soil is needed on the bottom of the tank. 

Gut-loaded crickets and an occasional pinkie mouse will consist of the tarantula’s diet.

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