Brazilian Black Tarantula

The Brazilian black tarantulas are originally from the grasslands of Brazil and Uruguay. They have a maximum leg span of five or six inches. Their bodies are jet black in color.  Females of the species may live up to twenty years, but males have a much shorter life span.

The Brazilian black tarantula is often thought of as the best tarantula species to have as a pet. They are large, docile and impressive looking spiders. They are great for beginning and experienced keepers. They cost more than some of the other tarantulas, but are well worth the price. 

Care Sheet
A ten gallon aquarium or terrarium tank with a locking screen top makes a fine habitat for the spider. A heating pad should be place under one side of the cage. 

The tarantula will also need a small water bowl and a place to hide. Around four inches of substrate should line the bottom of the tank.

Crickets that are gut-loaded can be the primary food of the tarantula. It should be fed around twice a week.

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