Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula

The Costa Rican Zebra tarantulas are native to Costa Rica and can also be found in Nicaragua and Guatemala. A full grown spider can reach a leg span of five inches. It has a brown to black body color with longitudinal lines of cream color down its legs. Females of this species may live up to eighteen years.

Because it is a hardy and inexpensive spider and has a striking appearance it is sought after by many collectors. Although it is docile, it is very skittish in nature and should not be handled. It is a good tarantula for beginning and experienced collectors.

Care Sheet
A five gallon tank makes a good home for the Costa Rican Zebra tarantula. A locking screen lid and under-tank heat pad should be provided. About four inches of sterilized potting soil or commercial substrate is needed. A shallow water bowl and hide area should also be supplied in the spider’s habitat.

Your tarantula will eat a diet of gut-loaded crickets about twice a week.

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