Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

Green Bottle Blue tarantulas are originally from Venezuela.  They are one of the most colorful species of tarantulas around. They have bright blue legs, a blue-green carapace and an orange abdomen.  Males will reach a leg span of about 4 ½ inches while females may reach 6 inches. 

The Greenbottle Blue tarantula is a resilient and easy-to-keep species as a pet. Collectors of all levels of experience will find this spider to be a nice addition to their collection.

Care Sheet
You should house your spider in a five to ten gallon terrarium tank. The cage will need a locking screen top and an under-tank heat pad. 

A half-log or other hide area and a shallow bowl for water should be provided.  About two inches of substrate will be needed for your pet’s habitat.

Mealworms, waxworms, or crickets are the food of choice.

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