King Baboon Tarantula

The king baboon tarantula’s native habitat is the dry scrublands of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  The spider ranges in color from a rusty brown to a bright brown. This tarantula has a massive body and it will reach a leg span of six to nine inches. 

Due to this tarantula’s large size and aggressive nature it should only be kept by experienced keepers. The spider requires moderate care and minimum requirements.

Care Sheet
Adult spiders will require a ten to twenty gallon tank with a locking screen top and under-tank heat pad.  The bottom of the cage will need five to seven inches of bedding.  This species is known to burrow in its substrate and stay there for months at a time. 

A hide area and shallow water dish should also be provided. This spider does not require any kind of special lighting.  The king baboon tarantula  food consists of gut-loaded crickets and pinky mice.

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