Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

The Mexican red knee tarantula originates from the semi-desert scrubland of Mexico and Panama.  Its abdomen is black with a few red hairs. Its legs are black striped with bands of orange, tan and red colorations.

A fully grown spider will have a leg span between five and six inches. Females may live to be up to thirty years old. Males have a much shorter life span.

Due to this spider’s docile nature, colorful appearance, large size and long life they have become a popular type of tarantula to keep as pets.  The spider requires little care and little space.  It is an excellent choice of pet for with all levels of experience.

Care Sheet
The Mexican red knee tarantula will need a five to ten gallon aquarium or terrarium tank with a locking screen top. You should line the bottom of the tank with about two inches of bed-a-beast or eco earth. The tank will also require a shallow water dish and hide area.

Lights are not necessary. An under tank heat pad should be supplied. The main diet for the tarantula will be gut-loaded crickets fed a couple times a week. Mealworms or waxworms may also used in the diet.

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